Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dennis the Menace

So we have this bull calf, which I named Dennis.  Why you ask; because he is a menace!  And he is a bull calf and not a steer, somehow he missed the cheerio that would take his hoohoo away.  So Dennis is pretty bull-headed, in fact I think he puts the "bull" in "bull-headed."  Dennis believes in the philosophy that the grass is always greener on the other side and pokes his little head outside the fence and grazes away.  I would say I run him in at least every other day.  He too knows my voice like all the other little creatures around here, but instead of a loving "Dennis" its DENNIS!  Kind of like those 8-10 year old boys that never listen, yeah that's him.  He knows my car too, so if he sees my driving over with my car, he knows its time to get back in.

Well one day this spring, I was headed to church, and what do my wandering eyes should appear--Dennis!  Oh Dennis, I'm running a little late, get in!!!  So I turn the car and get him to go into the pen.  Well I start to head up the drive and I'm looking in my rear view mirror and that little sh*t has his little hoof on the fence just waiting for momma to leave.  I give my car a little gas, he starts to put his head through.  I give a little more gas and start to turn, and out he goes--home free--mommas gone!  Fat chance little Mofo!  I flip my car around and I'm yelling at him all the way back down the drive.  I think he could tell I was a little pissed at this point.  So I run him back in, and make sure he's at least halfway into the pasture before finally driving away.  Rrrr!

Then a couple of months ago, I let the dogs out, and what do I see, Dennis!  Only this time he's in the hay barn, helping himself to some delicious little hay.  I'm running across the yard, yelling at him, DOES THIS LOOK LIKE FURR'S CAFETERIA ALL YOU CAN EAT FRIDAY NIGHT BUFFET?!?!?  GET YOUR BLACK A** BACK INTO YOUR PEN!!!!

And people say we need kids!  They've obviously never had a bull calf.

Anyways here he is, I wouldn't say he's cute, and I'm not going to miss him when he goes away to stock a meat counter somewhere. 

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  1. I'd say he is quite the little game player. He's definitely got your number.