Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Summer of Wood

So all summers seem to have a theme, and this summer was no different.  As I was piling wood into the Batmobile yesterday I had deja vu, that I had done this before and I had--lol.

The first load was a bunch of branches that were littering up the pasture and just laying around.  J said he would get to it, but with farmers "getting to it" could be anywhere from 2 months to 2 years from now, and it was just too nice outside to be indoors, so out I go.  I loaded up two loads with the Batmobile of branches!  Cleaned up a bunch of broken cement and stacked logs that I couldn't physically lift into the truck.  The pasture looked a lot better!  And I think the cows were happy they didn't have to step over all this stuff anymore.  :-)

Then about a month ago, I was headed to the shop to talk to J and his Dad, and went through the backyard gate.  Well most people don't even know we have a backyard gate because its so camouflaged by low-hanging trees and brush that needs removed.  So I get wacked in the face with a low-hanging branch, and march my happy a** into the shop looking for the hand-loppers to cut that thing off.  J sees the look on my face (the look of that thing is going, not later, not when you say you'll get to it, but now), and says don't be starting a pile of branches in the yard.  Oh I won't--LOL.  Then we start chatting and I realize that all the little saplings and small trees need to be removed.  So on a cool morning, out I go, and look what a job I did; Paul Bunyan doesn't have anything on me!  LOL.

Then one day I was out riding on the tractor feeding cows with J, and he looks into the pasture and goes, yeah one of these days I need to get some loppers and get these small trees out of the field.  Ummhmm.  So I go out one day and do it.  I kid J sometimes, what are you going to do, when all the stuff on your "I need to do that someday" list is gone.  LOL.

Our barn had blown down earlier and the spring, and we've been having various work parties to get this thing taken down.  Well this last weekend we put the "labor" in labor day, and the trusses were taken down and good wood was thrown in a pile for future use, and bad wood was thrown in a dump truck to get hauled away.  So yesterday, me and the batmobile make two trips of the good wood, moving it from the corral to another barn for storage, schwoo!!

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  1. You should start a business called, "Today--not one of these days." Sometimes there is no better feeling than getting it done yourself. It's exhausting, blister-building, back-breaking but satisfying all at the same time.