Friday, September 9, 2011

Experiencing Life in the Corners

So last year I was driving and noticed a lot of the fields had this cut-out part on the corners where another crop was being grown.  So I asked J about it, and he laughed, and said its an irrigation center pivot.  The farmer will plant something else in the corners where the water can't reach.  Interesting.  Below is a picture of what it looks like for my non-farm friends  :-)

So I love going to museums and learning new stuff; whereas I don't know if J had ever been to a museum before I met him.  So one day I'm saying we need to go do something, like go to the Underground Salt Museum.  He kind of hmm-haws around because he gets stuck in a rut with the things he normally does.  So I decide to try out some farmer talk!  J you are like a center pivot, sometimes you need to experience life in the corners once in a while  :-)  Of course he laughed, but now its something we say when he steps a wee bit out of his comfort zone and experiences something new.  And the museum was really cool, and he enjoyed it!

Cheers to experiencing life in the corners!

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  1. Always wanted to see the salt mines. They have stored old movies for decades.