Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cooking with Barbie

So most of my friends know this, but for those of you in the blog-o-sphere, I love to cook.  I love to bake even more.  Maybe its the chemistry of it all, I don't know.  Which I loved chemistry in high school!  Maybe I'm a cross between the mad-scientist and Betty Crocker.  Hmmm.  Well the other day my Grandma asked me what I loved to cook or bake best of all.  I really don't think I had an answer to that, I still don't think I do.  My BFF says I could have made it through the depression because I just use whatever is on hand to make a meal.  No running to the grocery store to pick up some random ingredient, especially now that I live out in the boonies where the grocery store (awesome that it is), carries the staples, not a full-line of goods.  Even J didn't notice last month when I was stretching my Wal-mart trip for as long as possible.  All because I just use what I have.  No fancy cookbooks, I don't watch foodnetwork, and no one really wants to see me cook.  Its better just to enjoy the meal in front of you and not think about what the mad scientist put in it.

Example, the BEST sloppy joes I have ever made were all leftovers!  LOL.  We had had a labor day party (last year), and there was a bunch of burgers (cheese and plain), hot dogs, bacon, sliced vegetables, I really don't remember all what was left.  But, all I did was throw all that sh*t in a blender, then put it on the stove to heat, put it on buns and they were delicious!  J and his best friend said they were the best, and what was the brand of mix I used?  Hmmm.  It wasn't until a week later or so, when J asked what happened to all the leftovers I told him.  Oh well, they were the best, try it sometime--you won't be disappointed.

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  1. This is the way great cooks cook. They have a feel for the food and are willing to experiment. Bravo!