Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Flashback

So as I was heading out to feed Scoot (our horse) this morning, I had a flashback to another morning about 10 months ago.  J works on Sundays, so I usually do the chores so he can get to work and before I head to church.  Well this cold morning, I head out to do chores and here's what happened.  Now first I should preface by saying what I was wearing (it makes the story much more comical).  My rainbow boots, fat pants, and J's carhart jacket (which is about 5 sizes too big for me and hangs down to my knees), and I even still had my glasses on.  I was looking H-O-T hot!  So out I head out the back door feeling pretty cool and calm, I'm on top of my game.  I say hi to all the little animals, feed and water Scoot and head back to the house.  Go up the back door, and Bam--it is locked!  What?!?!  I didn't realize it was one of those lock-behind you doors, I just thought the deadbolt was used.  Oops!  I trudge up to the front and think maybe J left it unlocked, nope!  So here I am 7:30 or so in the morning, cold, and locked out of my house, and Sunday school is at 9:00.  hmmm.  *Yes, we did have a hidden key box, but it had a rather unfortunate accident with my boot heel during a winter storm when it was frozen shut  :-) *   And of course I didn't have my cell phone with me to call a neighbor or anything.  So I start walking around the house, wondering if one of the windows was unlocked or could be broken.  I'm sure anyone driving by got a good laugh at some weird person walking around their house. Then I think about the basement windows.  Our basement is a creepy place that I don't like to go in--it looks like the Adams family decorated it.  But--we do have a deep freeze right below a window, that I could fall on.  So I rip the screen on this window, lightly punch the glass window pane (miraculously it fell and did not break), and go for it.  I take my glasses off, lay on the ground and shimmy-scoot feet first through this window hole, when my boots hit that deep freeze, I let a big breath out.  Looking up at the window hole, standing on the deep freeze, I thought I just broke into our house--LOL.  But you gotta do what you gotta do. 

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