Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Update on Dennis

So I know many of you love hearing about Dennis and all his crazy antics...but since he's been at the in-laws I haven't had any stories...that is until I decided to go visit  :-)

So J had to get some feed at his parents, so I while he was doing that, I walked out to the lot and visited with Dennis.  Up I walk, yelling "Dennis--Dennis".  I start to hop the fence, and then think---oops I think they have a hot wire!  (Guess my Guardian Angel was watching out for me--although I'm sure Dennis would have loved to see me get really crazy and electrified).  So I walk around the barn and crawl over the non-hot wired fence and walk out into the little feeding area.  Oh Dennis sees me alright.  His little ears poke up, he's eyeing me through the round pen, like "what are you doing here?".  Now the other critters in the pen, a couple of bulls, other steers, etc, aren't very familiar with my antics or me just hopping in and walking around (plus the idea of running into a hot-wire fence just didn't seem appealing), so I hopped back out.  Here's Dennis though--still looks shady  :-)

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