Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our Very Own Tatonka

So for those of you non-farm peeps, the animals during the winter get their fur, and look all bushy.  Their hair just fluffs out and they kind of resemble a large cotton ball.  Then when it warms up, they shed their fur and once again get their shiny coats back.   Well one of our little steirs is even bushier than he should be.  I don't know what's wrong with this guy...its like you put a cotton ball in the dryer and on the super-fluff cycle.  His hair goes everywhere (I can kinda relate because my crazy curly hair tends to do some crazy things too).  Well anyways being that he's so bushy, he kind of resembles a buffalo calf--Tatonka!  J nicknamed him that and I'm pretty sure that little booger will be Tatonka until he sees the stock trailer coming to take him to greener pastures.  And how can you say Tatonka without putting your hands up by your head--LOL.  Tatonka! Totally had to youtube Dances with Wolves and watch that scene  :-)

Anyways here he is, and of course he's not looking at the camera, or showing his buffalo side...hmph!

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