Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Day Without the Poofy?

So sorry about not posting this week...I have been sick...ugh.  Like the kind of sinus sick where you wake up with drool on your face because you can't breathe out of your nose and your mouth is drier than after a night of college-style drinking.  Like the kind of sick where you're cold, but then once you get bundled up, you start to sweat.  Like the kind of sick that makes your brain process things so slow, and you wind up being that dumb person that gets a joke five minutes later and laughs when everyone else is talking about something else.  Yep that was me this week.

Dear Kansas-thank-you for your crazy 60 degree January/February sinuses can not keep up, and wish you would return to normal winter weather.  That is all.  Thanks much! Love Barbie. 

But one of the standard things when I'm sick is the Poofy Blanket.  Now the Poofy Blanket is something my Mom made each of us (my bro and sis and I) way back I can't remember a time being without it.  It was just different scraps of fabric that she cut into squares and then just stuffed with filler, so its just "poofed" every so often.  It is great--its lightweight, keeps you warm, kind of snuggly because its different shaped, you can use it on the floor for padding because it has the poofs, I could go on and on.  Now my poofy has had better days by now, like I've patched some holes, and more need to be patched.  When I washed it this week, some more filler came out, and J said, maybe you should send that home with your Mom so she can sew it back up.  Increduously, I look at him and say "You mean be away from the Poofy?"  Like this thing has been everywhere with me--college, sorority house, KC, when I lived in Florida for a year, its been with me.  And to be away from it--what if I got sick?  What would I snuggle with?  LOL.  My mother is an excellent seamstress and I'm sure could fix it up lickety split...just not so sure...might have separation anxiety.  LOL.

Anyways, here's a pic of my niece (and nephew) jumping on her poofy blanket--its a family tradition!

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  1. I made the puffy/poofy blanket out of love for you and your siblings. It is heartwarming to me how much you have treasured it over the years. There's one coming for Vince and Will.