Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Adventures at the Flea Market

So I've mentioned before that J and I both love going to flea markets and checking out random stuff--well a previous time he had said there was a sausage stuffer machine (or something) and he might like to have one.  Now I've never seen one of these things, and if I have, totally glanced over it.  Well we went back, and sure enough there was one still there.  Here's what it looks like:

To me it looks like an ancient ice cream maker, but J swears that it is used to make sausage, and how cool it is that the lid smushes the sausage down and how it still has the spigot and blah blah blah.  Great honey. 

I on the other hand, spot something like this (totally forgot to take a pic of the one in the store):

I was like, J come look at this--how cool is that?  He's like what is it?  Its a combo step stool, chair, and ironing board--boom!  If the one in the store had been in a little better shape, I totally would have gotten it!   Oh well, I'll keep my eye out for it  ;-)

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  1. What you found is so cool. I've seen them around and it's so practical. I think marketers don't like it since you only buy one thing instead of 3. When I was little we had something similar but missing the ironing board. It was a high chair but had removable arms and tray. Then it was a stool with fold out steps for a step-stool. I loved it and, like you, if I ever find another one like it, I'm getting it!