Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Day I Stalked a Dress

So downtown Newton is full of little shops, and one of them is a thrift store with mainly clothes, the Etc Shop.  It is fabulous!  And we all know I love a good thrift store and they typically have a few good vintage items that I scout out and add to my clothes collection.  Well...they were closed for a month or so for renovation, but as a teaser posted this video for their re-opening:  Video .  Well I saw that black and white dress and knew I had to see it in person.  So I head over there and look at their vintage racks and alas it wasn't there, oh well somebody else must have gotten it.  So I make my purchases and head out the door, when... "Hello Lover" my own Carrie moment..there it was hanging in the window.  I rush back in and pull it out of the looks like it might fit (I never look at size labels when shopping at thrift stores).  Rush back to the fitting room and slip it on and I'm pretty sure the Alleluia chorus started singing in my head.  There was no way that this dress was not going home with me.  It fit like it was made for me.  Betty Draper Francis eat your heart out--this sucker was mine.  So did I stalk a dress?  Or was the dress just courting me over the Internet?  Hmmm.....

The dress is a Miss Elliette, which according to the Vintage Fashion Guild, was a highly sought after label...and I own one! Bam!

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  1. What a cool dress and what a "Carrie" moment. Beautiful!