Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cow-Calling (Barbie Style)

So when we feed the cows their grain (which is a mixture of corn, milo, and other goodies that are good for the cows) we have to call them all up.  Now true, when the cows see the magic white buckets they tend to start moving, but sometimes they don't and you have to call them.  It is also a great time to get up close and personal with the animals and see if they are ok, see if they're about to calf, etc, etc.  And everyone calls cows a little differently...LOL.  J's Dad is a "here cow, here cow" kind of caller.  J is more of a "cows" kind of I like to add a little flavor  :-)  "Here cows, here cows, its time for your candycorn...boom boom boom!  here cows!  here cows!  boom booom its candycorn time!"  Personally, I think I should extra points for style or something...LOL. 

Anyways...this is what I see when I call them:

From left to right you have:  Tatonka's cousin, 174, white face no tag, 063, weird Al, Gertie, 0855, and white face with tag.  In the far background is 711, Quiktrip, Peanut Butter, and Chocolate.  In my mind they are saying "set the phone down and give us our food already!"  LOL.

Gertie's calf and 063's calf are the newest critters...and I named the Peanut Butter and chocolate...because they are best buds and PB is a brindle color and Chocolate is all black...they look like a reese's cup running around. 

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  1. The picture looks like they want a new song and dance. Perhaps something with more grain?