Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Adventures of Matilda and Cutie

Cutie was very close to her Momma--she loved her with all her heart.  She knew that her Momma wasn't as fast or quick as the other cows, but she knew that her Momma loved her very much.

Her Momma would cuddle her in at night and would scare off the boogey-man with her mean face.  Momma didn't show her mean face to everyone...but when the boogey-man came to scare Cutie, Momma scared him away.

Matilda knew that Cutie was special in so many ways--from the brindle brown color of her fur to the the dark brown eyes that looked up at her.  In her heart, she knew the real reason Cutie was so special, she knew that she was the last baby calf she would ever have.  And because she was the last baby, Matilda cuddled her in even closer and scared off the boogey-men even harder.

One day, the cows were all being herded to the corral, and Matilda knew that this was the moment that Cutie would be separated from her.  Matilda put on her best boogey-man face and hobbled to the corral with the rest of the cows. 

Cutie was jumping around with her other friends and noticed that Momma was sad. 

"Where are we going Momma?"  Cutie asked, sensing the excitement around her.

"I don't know, sometimes we have to go where God leads us."  Matilda said, looking down at her brindle baby.

"Cutie, its time for me to say good-bye."

"But Momma where are you going?  What will I do without you?" Cutie's eyes filled up with tears, she didn't know life without Momma.

"Hush brindle baby, what did I just say?"

"We have to go where God leads us."  Cutie choked in return.

Cutie stood there and saw her Momma heading down the alley and stopped and looked back and said,

"Remember Cutie--Go where God leads you."  and got on the trailer and rode away.

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  1. Now, this just isn't fair! You need to put warnings on these stories!