Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Harvest Hectic-ness

So Harvest was finally over last week!  Yeah!  And I don't think I had a meltdown as big as last years meltdown, so that's good right?  LOL.

Harvest is like taking down wallpaper together, or redoing a bathroom, or planning a wedding, or a boxing match...there will be blood, sweat, and tears!  LOL.  Its not that bad, but it does create stress.  The sense of urgency that everything has to be done now, your spouse being gone from 6:00 am until past dark-dark-thirty, and somehow the rest of life must continue and function as if 2 people are still doing the work when its only one.  So that means getting up early doing chores, and then doing chores at night (and I mean the outside ones); plus all the indoor ones on top of that.  Preparing meals in advance so that in a brief home landing a meal can be grabbed on the go, its just a never-ending harvest hecticness.  As I was lugging grain buckets, I thought why do I work out my arms when I get to haul grain buckets 50 yards?  LOL.  There's no need for play time, I get to play dosey-dow with a cow trying to spray her down with anti-fly spray.  Its just a cycle....but ya know what--I love it!  Wouldn't have it any other way  :-)

Rosie the Riveter....pretty sure she was a farm wife  :-)

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  1. I remember working cattle and telling them I was giving them pretty earrings when I put the ear tags on. I know how it feels to talk to them like a family member. It's pretty heartwarming and amazing.

    Don't know if Rose was a farm-wife but she definitely knew what it was like to work hard!