Monday, June 11, 2012

Name that Critter Character

So I have an idea for another children's story and the cow/calf that would be involved.  However; they don't have regular names yet.  The cow is 711, so I named her calf Quiktrip (but I don't think that would go over well in a story).  So whoever comes up with the best name for the cow/calf pair, will get that name included in the story  :-)

A little bit about their personalities:  711 has a bad foot and she does walk with a limp, and she kind of has attitude--like I'm too good for you or something.  She is a very good mother and watches out for the calves and Quiktrip while the other mothers are eating elsewhere. 

Quiktrip is a little heifer (girl) calf and she stays pretty close to Momma, since Momma is stand-offish, she is too and gets frightened easily.

As for the story, well thats for me to have in my head and for you too supply the names.  :-)

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  1. Okay, how's this? 711 (not seven-eleven, but seven one one) is the telecommunications number for people with disabilities. Sounds like the momma might fit that bill. And for the calf, how about Ruth? Recalling the biblical story of Ruth who stayed with her mother-in-law Naomi who needed her. Maybe the calf senses that her momma is weak and needs the calf to help her out!