Friday, October 12, 2012

Here A Cluck, There a Cluck, Everywhere a Cluck Cluck

So several people have asked what I feed our chickens and how "organic" or "free-range" they are.  Here's a little picture tutorial  :-)

Chickens LOVE scraps!  They think its Christmas whenever they see me coming with a plate or a bowl of veggies, fruit, or bread (they eat about anything, I don't give them meat however).  Their favorite is tomatoes!

Here they are eating veggie scraps.  They also eat all kinds of bugs (crickets, grasshoppers, rolly-pollies, etc).  When one of them gets a good bug, she runs off with it and all the other chickens follow...kind of like at the playground when one kid has the lollipop the others follow.

Here is their scratch grain.  Its from Orscheln's and it has a mixture of Milo, corn, and other grain.  They also get layer pellets for protein.
Bingo!  Egg in the coop!  And even though we got them this nice coop....

...they really prefer to lay in the little nests they've built around the barn. 

They are probably the most organic and free-range chickens available.  I can tell when their temperaments are flaring or when its just too hot or too cold for them to lay.  They also do better at laying when they get to run around all day, than when we have to have them in their pen because we're away from the place for too long.

If you have any questions regarding chickens, just let me know...I'm not an expert, but I do see their crazy little habits everyday  :-)

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