Thursday, October 18, 2012

Life with a Mini-Donkey

So remember when I wrote the post that I was in love with a furry little brown-eyed critter?  Well we found one!  Yeah!  After much searching and driving around Central Kansas looking at various ones for sale, we found one just a few miles away.              (J deserves major kudos for humoring me in this mini-donkey endeavour!).  Meet Lucky!  Isn't he cute?

Isn't he just cute?!?!  He was born on January 16, 2012--he'll grow a little bit bigger but not by much.  Why a mini-donkey?   Well I think they're just too cute--and they don't eat too much...and I can work with them.  Unlike most farm people, I wasn't in 4H and didn't show animals.  So the whole leading them around and getting them to do something is foreign to me.  A little animal like Lucky couldn't be that hard to work with right?  LOL--we'll see  :-)   

They are interesting little critters and definitely have mannerisms that are different than the other animals on the farm.  He comes up to me in the pen, but then runs off, then will come back, run off, then finally comes back.  Then if I walk off, he follows me--just weird  :-)   We have put him to use trimming the grass in the backyard a few hours a day (it's a way he can earn his keep on the farm!).  It's pretty funny to see a donkey back there, but he just struts around and eats the grass.  Gunnar (the lab in the backyard kennel) doesn't quite know what to think of his new long-eared yard-mate. 

And yes, he does bray.  It's not a full-on bray yet, but its getting there.  Sometimes it sounds like an old smoker laughing and that just makes me laugh too  :-)

Now we're on the hunt to get him a little jenny-friend...and I think we might have found one--stay tuned  :-)

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