Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Farm Kings? How About Farm Queens!?

So the hubs and I have been watching more TV than we normally do, well he's been watching, I've been reading and occasionally catching what he's watching.  Here's the deal, in January there is nothing on!  So GAC has been on...ALOT.  Yesterday Farm Kings had their top 10 or 20 farm videos on and showing segments of their show as well.  Hmm...nowhere in these videos did it show a woman helping.  The only women in the videos were wearing little sundresses, with cowboy boots on, and their hair blowing in the wind like Victoria's Secret models.  The man is shown hot and sweaty loading hay, driving the tractor, being the MAN.  The women frolicking in the fields waiting for someone to catch them as they dance away to the music in their heads.  Really?  I want to see some "honey" dressed in coveralls and a ski mask hauling 5 gallon buckets of feed around and fighting with a water hose that's almost frozen.  (Oh wait--is that me?  LOL).  Seriously though, Farm Kings?  Its more like Farm Family.  It's not the "man" making it work or the one doing all the work...its everyone that lives on said farm.  At least it is on our farm and most of the farms that I'm aware of.  Next time you see one of those videos with the guy sweating in a tank top to "get the job done"  look behind'll probably see some woman with work gloves on and smiling because she knows she can feed 50 cows...and 5 humans  :-)


  1. Farm "Kings" because that's the family's last name.

  2. Farm queens are no different than city queens. There has been tons of research on women working. They tend to work at their jobs and do the majority of work at home, too. It takes a couple who know that being a couple is being a team, whether on the farm or city, to get the job done well. Plus, being a part of a team brings you close together, too.