Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ode to Cogburn

So I've heard horror stories about mean roosters and how when they grow their spurs they get mean and start attacking people...and I have to say...I think I have the best rooster around.  Here's why:

-He stops traffic.  Really he does.  He is such a good looking rooster that people driving into the yard stop and say wow.  (or some other R-rated version of nice rooster).  He stands tall and proud and struts around the yard like he owns it.  I mean look at him, he could grace the cover of Backyard Poultry magazine:

-He is VERY protective.  If he thinks someone is after one of his ladies, he comes a running, wings out to the side, chest flared up.  If one of the hens starts making a quacking sound, here he comes to save the day.  And if one of his ladies isn't in the pen at night, he waits around until I find said lackadaisical hen and run her in.  Then he has to look around making sure they're all accounted for.  So funny to watch.

-He isn't mean.  He has never been mean to me or any of the other people that have visited the farm.  Maybe its because we raised him that way...or maybe he was listening when I gave my "no BULLying policy on this farm" lecture.  (all new critters get this talk, we all get along here, if said new critter doesn't get along, said critter finds a new home.)  Who knows, but he's not mean.

-He's entertaining.  I can call to him and he calls right weird is that?  I rarely hear him before I open the door and when he hears my car leaving or coming back, he does his cock-a-doodle doo.  Highly entertaining.

Oh well, cheers to Cogburn!


  1. Next time I'm in Kansas, I'd love to visit your farm. I want to meet all this little critters and watch you at your best. Too funny!!

  2. This is one well-trained rooster. Takes after his namesake, dontcha' think?