Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kids of the same flock, flock together

My brother and sister and I are pretty close (to outsiders we appear very close--maybe we just don't admit to one another--lol).  The poor hubs and my KU SNL sometimes just sit back and give each other this "did they just get released from the asylum?" or "what's the quickest escape route?" or "what did I marry into?"  or however they pass these silent and sometimes not so silent thoughts on my siblings and me. 

Perfect example, at Thanksgiving (yes the blogpost has been brewing for a while) this was a conversation:

Me:  wild thing
me and sis:  you make my heart sing
me, sis, bro: buh-duh-duhna dun you make everything groovy...and on and on

The hubs and SNL were just sitting there, I'm gonna say awestruck by the musical ability of the family and great actuality it was more like WTF.  LOL.

Just one of the numerous incidents that remind me how awesome they are and that the roots that started years ago, are still strong and hold up as we branch out in life. 


  1. Of all the crazy stuff you people do, I actually don't remember this one at all. :) I thought you were going to start talking about poop again.

  2. LOL With YOUR musical abilities alone, I can ONLY imagine. :)

  3. I read an article months ago and I believe I told you about it; the latest research clearly demonstrates that the people who have the greatest influence on your life are not your parents (as previously thought for a very long time), but your siblings (if they are fairly close in age) because, generally speaking, they are in your life longer than parents or spouses. This is a perfect example of that. You guys definitely understand each other's thought patterns, etc. This doesn't mean you agree on everything or never squabble, but that your understanding of each other is very strong.

    It warms my heart to know you are so close because, no matter what, you always will be there for each other and that's a good thing.