Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tools of the Trade

During the winter it gets cold here in Kansas, and what does that mean?  Ice, snow, wind and having to chop ice for the animals; all while staying somewhat warm yourself.  Here is my list of what you need to embark on winter chores:


My lovely pink-striped boots finally got a tear in the side and started letting water in.  I found this out after I had plunged my boot into a tank of water...it was not a pleasant experience...cold water, cold socks, bah!  So the hubs and I went to Cabela's and I found these Bogs...and they are fantastic!  They are comfortable, keep my feet warm, and are cute  :-)  What more could a girl ask for?  And they have oh sh*t handles...like oh sh*t my boots are stuck in the mud and need a pull out or oh sh*t I'm bundled up in coveralls, hat, gloves and can't quite get my feet into the boots.  Oh sh*t handles are the bomb!


Coveralls are a must, for warmth and for keeping cow poop, hay, dirt, etc off regular clothes.  Mine are Berne and they are pink (of course) 


Now I personally thought these were a little dorky...however trying to search for eggs in a dark barn or walking around at night doing chores is kind of freaky and light is needed.  So my lovely in-laws got me one for Christmas!  It is the bomb!  I'm sure I look like a pink overweight cyclops, but I can see and the animals still come running when they see me, so it can't be that bad  :-) 

Ski mask!

There is nothing like facing a cold north wind or getting splattered in the face with freezing water when you're chopping ice, and since I don't have the facial hair the hubs does, a ski mask completes the farm-girl hottie look. 

I was talking to some guys and they said there was nothing like a farm-girl in coveralls as a "sexy look"....hmmm I think they must be mistaken with some music video with a girl in a bikini sitting on a tractor.  There is nothing sexy about the look above...I really do look like a bloated pink cyclops...oh well keeps me warm  :-)


  1. Several men find the 'farm-girl' sexy as they know deep down this girl can pull as much weight as they can. ;)

  2. You make me laugh! I do like those boots...

    I'm pretty sure I would feel like that kid in A Christmas Story! :)

  3. Dang! I wish I had had the pink overalls years ago. They're cute and so appropriate for the farm. I had blue coveralls and I was always amazed at how warm they were even though they didn't seem that heavy or thick. I also like the headlamp. Great idea!