Sunday, November 4, 2012

How Do You Exercise Your Cows?

So yesterday I was on a roll, I had the whole afternoon planned out.  Peeled potatoes, ran outside started the horse tank water, came back up to the house, put the potatoes on the stove to start boiling,  head back outside to gather Lucky up from the backyard and take him back to his pen and finish chores and dinner simultaneously by 6:00.  Fat Chance says Karma!  Its when all hell breaks loose and once again, Barnam and Bailey circus visited the farm.

*I must preface by saying it was my fault what started this chain reaction of events...what happened afterwards was God wanting a good laugh (or something like that).

So I get in the backyard with Lucky and he is in no mood to be taken out of the backyard.  Normally, he just saunters up to me and we head out.  I open the gate and normally leave it open because he just comes to me and we mosey out together.  Well here he starts his little run and as I'm chasing him, he runs clean out of the gate.  And if you've never seen a uppity mini-donkey run...its maddeningly funny.  They prance with their nose up in the Pinocchio if he lived at a mansion and had lots of money.  Ugh!  He has never been free so he is prancing all around the corrals and making circles around and around and around again.  I'm home alone, so besides just flat outrunning him this could continue for quite some time.  I try and catch him, get sweet feed to entice him...oh no, he wasn't having any of it.  Around and around we go, just like some maniacal carousel..until he makes a breakaway for the alley leading to the pasture.  Haha---gotcha little man...where ya gonna go now?  Haha gotcha you Momma--watch me sneak through this fencing and the barbed wire fencing behind it!  Ahhh!  The cows go apeshit!  They have no idea what this little man is doing in their pasture so they start chasing him.  The cows are running and creating such a dust bowl that Scooter (the horse) gets freaked out in his pen and starts bucking and farting everywhere; the 2 bulls in their pen see a bunch of cows running and start their own little dust bowl; and the chickens that were pecking in the field fly off in a tizzy seeing all the commotion; and I realize I still have a pot of boiling potatoes on the stove.  What is my life?  LOL.  The cows keep running Lucky around and around the pasture, back and forth they go.  I try to call Lucky, but he is so freaked out, he keeps running and the cows keep running.  I give up...and I have potatoes that are probably already mashed by now. 

Its like the running of the bulls in Spain...only the bulls are cows and the runner is a mini-donkey. 

I call J and he laughs at the incredulity of what is going on and says he'll be home soon.  He gets home, and soon discovers just how whiley a little donkey can be.  But in the end we get him and I have a little "come to Jesus" moment with him and tie his ass to a post for 30 minutes.  Some little 150 pound hairy critter is not going to get the best of me!

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