Friday, November 16, 2012

Life With 2 Mini-Donkeys

We got a girl mini-donkey!  Her name is Charlotte and she is so cute!  She is 5 years old, so she can be bred and humans up to 60 pounds can ride her. 

Lucky is in the me and Charlotte the evil-eye

Life with 2 mini-donkeys is different than life with 1 mini-donkey however.  Lucky's possessive personality really came out!  We put Charlotte in the pen with Lucky and it went something like this:

Lucky:  Hey there!  A friend, let's go play!

Charlotte:  Umm...I don't know you, and I miss my old friends

Lucky:  We can play tag!  *bump* you're it, ready lets go!

Charlotte:  Umm...I'm not playing with you and I think you're weird

Lucky:  But its time to play come on!

Charlotte:  I just want to be left alone *sigh*

This little situation went on for quite a while-and it was so cute!  Charlotte was not having any of Lucky's little antics and Lucky was so excited to have a friend he was all bouncing around.  Well at least bouncing around until he discovered that my attention was going to be split between the 2 of them.  After the incident where his little ass got tied to a post for 30 minutes for bad behavior, he has been quite the good little man.  Very confident too...of course that could be because I tell him he's a handsome little man and a fine looking mini-donkey (which he is). 

The first time I took both of them on their separate walks Lucky went crazy (and still does).  He did a good job when I walked him, but then when he realized that I was going to walk Charlotte too...his little face turned pea green with jealousy.  I take Charlotte out of the pen and he starts running around the pen, braying, acting like a toddler having a temper tantrum.   Then when I bring her back, he butts in and stands right next to me giving Charlotte this "this is MY momma" look.  It was pretty funny. 

He is quite the attention whore and will bray if he sees me come home and not come see him, or brays when I walk the dog, or brays when I pet the horse.  If he was a human, he'd be one of those cocky guys I don't like, but since he's my little donkey its adorable  :-)  Charlotte's personality really hasn't come out yet, she seems very reticent and quiet, but I think she just misses her friends from her old farm. 

Lucky would really go apesh*t if he found out my real little man was a 4 1/2 pound Chihuahua--LOL.  Oh well, what he doesn't know won't hurt him  :-)

Aren't they cute?!?!?!


Of course, once Lucky realized pictures were going on, he had to have one by himself  :-)

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