Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cooking Show Host? Please, I Would Get Fired!

So the other day at work, the cook and I were talking about food and cooking, and he was astonished by some of my bad cooking which I replied, yeah I probably shouldn't teach anyone to cook or have a cooking show.  Here are some of my bad habits:

-I don't preheat the oven--or at least wait for it to give the sounder.  I turn it on and when I'm ready to put something in, I just put it in.

-I don't use a timer  (I don't even know how to set the one on my fancy stove or microwave)

-I don't level off flour and sugar in the measuring cup--just give a good shake and eyeball it

-I don't really follow recipes (ok there's no don't really...I just don't)  they're really more like guidelines; and if I feel some other ingredient should be added, I just do it

-I do random substitutions if I don't have something on hand...example I use the same basic recipe for zucchini, carrot, carrot apple, apple peach, whatever like a champ!

And the biggest reason I could not have a cooking one really wants to watch me cook.  Most people would run for their lives thinking I was a mad scientist instead of preparing a nutritious meal for human consumption. 

However, like I told the cook at work, in my entire cooking career I've only had 2 or 3 items that were bad.  Hmmm...maybe I am a mad scientist....

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