Monday, November 19, 2012

My Knight with a Shining Cell Phone!

So the car I was driving a, 05 Saturn Vue, was starting to burn oil, which J said basically means the engine is on a short-term life span.  Something about the pistons and leaking and not creating suction...or something, my eyes starting glazing over the minute I heard pistons.  I'm just not the engine person, but thankfully the hubs is, so I took his word for it.  Went out shopping for a new ride, really not knowing what I was looking for--but definitely wanted another stick-shift.  They are fun to drive and I'm so used to driving them that whenever I drive an automatic, I usually end up shifting the brake and sending the sales guy into the dash (that actually happened!  LOL).  So I stopped by Midwest Kia to look at a non-Kia vehicle, and the sales guy asked if I had looked at the Kia Soul.  Ummmm nooo.  Don't really think I could pull off the hamster-mobile.  But what the heck and I sat in it.  Bam!  Its so spacious on the inside, plenty of legroom, plenty of head space, good view of the road, and a 6-speed!  Bam!  Lets see what this baby can do on the road.  What can I say it was love at first shift  :-)  They let me take it home so J could see it (I was afraid his tall, lanky frame wouldn't fit), but he liked it too! 

Here's where I could hear my knight in shining armour galloping in the distance.  They will call you, don't call them, he said. I waited, just like a girl after a first date.  And what do you know they called me back!  Now it was time for my knight to wheel and deal the deal.  Schwoo!  Did the hubs talk to those sales people, sales managers, finance gurus, etc.  He laid the schmack down--over the phone!  I can't even imagine if we had been there in person. 

If it had been 1712 instead of 2012, it would have been a soldier fighting to protect a castle or something.  In 2012, it meant negotiating a trade-in value double the Kelly Blue Book!  Can I say I love my husband!?!?! 

It was one of those moments, when I really felt like part of a team.  I know we're married, but just that fighting the outsiders together was really amazing.  Don't mess with team L-P we will smack you down! and get a killer deal on a brand-new car!  My first brand-new vehicle!  And I LOVE it!  And I LOVE Team L-P  we rock it out  :-)

My new Kia Soul--the chickens wanted in the picture too  :-)

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  1. I bought my first brand new car a while back. It has 220,000 kms (about 133,000 miles) on it and still runs like a top. I still think of it as's almost 10 years old!
    Take good care of it and it can last and last and last!
    Congrats on your shiny new red hamster-mobile!