Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Does fear interfere with life?

Lately, I've noticed a lot of people living in fear "Oh I couldn't do that" "I can't take the vacation day"  "I've always wanted to do that" "Yeah someday".  What?!?  I am around the elderly and their families quite a bit and here is a quick list things I've NEVER heard from old people:

  • I shouldn't have taken the grandkids to Disney
  • I'm glad I didn't use any of my paid vacation days
  • Going on a cruise and seeing a whale was not worth it
  • Stopping at that fair and trying a fried cinnamon roll wasn't worth it
  • I shouldn't have had chocolate sauce on that sundae
These are the things I normally hear:

  • I will always remember the car I went cruising with my wife in
  • Holding my grandbabies never gets old
  • I think I will start with dessert
  • I'm glad I went on that fishing trip with my old man before he had a stroke and couldn't go anymore
  • My girlfriends and I danced on the bar!
  • Oh the things we would do
Live life folks.  It so short!  Don't let fear interfere with that.  We only get so many trips around the sun before we transition into the next.  Vacation days, memories, money, we can't take any of that with us.  Go to old folks and tell your what ifs to an old person.  They will hmph hmph and whack you with a cane and say "get some sense in that fool head" and to get going.  Live life.  


  1. Well said. I still miss your random TOD's...

  2. I know I say this sometimes; I think some of that is normal. However, in many ways I feel like I have bloomed in the last 15 or so years and am doing more than I've ever done. I can barely keep up with myself sometimes but I like it even though sometimes I'm scared to death. LOL