Monday, September 10, 2012

So I kind of have a love affair going on......

With the cutest brown-haired, brown-eyed beauties I have seen in a long time---Miniature Donkeys.  Mini-donkeys what?  So I started seeing these mini-donkeys and kind of felt sad for them because really they're so fugly (f'ing ugly), they're cute.  And J in his good humor is going along with my desire to have one (or shut me up)....that is until we went and looked at some.  They win you over!  Let me just tell you--they are the cutest little critters.  And they all want is to be petted and loved on.  When you pet one, another scoots up and wants petted too.  Too precious! And when they run--that is some funny sh*t!  Their legs aren't quite proportional to their body or something, I don't even know.  I dare someone not to laugh at them.  Then the babies!  They look like little bears--all fuzzy and little.  Even J was won over with their cute-ness factor.  Who knows?  We might be those crazy people with mini-donkeys (whatever will the people in town say?  LOL)

Stay tuned though....I think they're in our future  :-)

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  1. They are cute; I've seen them and you just have to love them. They are adorable.