Friday, September 21, 2012

New Items!

So I tried 2 new items at the grocery store the other day (still trying to get out of my buy the same thing all the time rut).  Here is my review:

Terra Sweet Potato Chips:

AWESOME!!  I really would have devoured the whole bag, but I tried to maintain some form of self-control.  They are crisp and not soggy like fried sweet potatoes can be.  Totally repeat purchase  :-)

Planters Nutrition Peanut Butter: (I bought the berry nut)

Ok, so I had a coupon and would give it a whirl.  Eh--its just kind of weird to have peanut butter with small bits of fruit in it.  Not quite a PB&J, but not just plain PB either.  Won't be a repeat purchase.  :-(

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