Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Skinny on Lifeproof Phone Covers

So the hubs and I both got iPhones within the last 3 or 4 months--he got the Lifeproof cover, I got the Otterbox.  He was sold on the Lifeproof cover when the AT&T person said it could be dumped in water and still work.  Being a farmer, things in pockets have a habit of taking a swim in horse tanks, mud puddles, poo, getting dropped from tractors, etc, etc.  Until last week, the cover and phone had already taken a dip in the horse tank and puddle--but the biggest test was a 15-foot drainage tile well. 

So we have drain tiles around our foundation to keep the water out (I don't quite understand how it works) but anyways a sump pump is on the outside of the house and pumps water out of this 18" PVC pipe out into the yard.  Great, great.  Well until the hubs hooks the pump back together and his phone takes a triple somersault nose-dive into the bottom of the well.  Uh-oh.   He considered the phone gone to the world, while I tried unsuccessfully to get it out for about 30 min.

Fast forward to the next night and the hubs has devised a brilliant plan to retrieve said phone from the bottom of the well.  Parts of the plan include:  garden hoe, garden hose, gorilla tape, keystone light, and a flashlight.  He rigged up the garden hose to another sump to suck water out, while trying to grab the phone with a hoe gorilla taped to a steel post.  I said this was a brilliant plan.  Part of the problem was that as soon as the water would get sucked out, more water would come in from the drain tiles and fill it back up and we would lose track of where the phone was.  Sure enough though, we spotted the phone and tried scooping it out.  After a couple of tries, me working the sump pump/hose contraption and J working the garden hoe/gorilla tape thing, we managed to get it out.  AND IT WORKED!  The phone was still on!  After being at the bottom of a well for 24+ hours--it was fine.  Now the faceplate is a little scratched from the hoe attacking it, but other than that--works like a champ!

So if you have a farmer friend or person who is accident prone--get a Lifeproof case!  They are worth it!

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