Wednesday, February 6, 2013

175 and Weird Al Were Getting Real Friendly...and other random text messages

This could be my favorite time of the year!  Its calving time!  Its that time of year when I walk around and talk to the cows (wait...I do that all the time!), but really check them to see if they're about ready to calve, had a calf, general whatevers.  Actually I just promoted myself to Animal Wellness Director of the farm--LOL!  Anyways, I tend to watch them and notice the good, bad, and weird things with them--it doesn't hurt that they let me get pretty close to them.  I think they just love the flower boots and pink coveralls  :-)  When I notice something, I send both J and his Dad (father-in-law, FNL) a text.  They go something like this:

175 and Weird Al were getting real friendly (ie they were getting busy and maybe there will be another calf in 284 days)

852 has one of those lump jaws (ie. a tennis ball sized tumor thing--no biggie, just needs lanced)

Heinze has the weird white eye going on

We are out of grain

063 had her calf!  its a boy!

Etc, etc. 

At these times I think--what did we do without text messaging?  And did my FNL realize he would get this crazy daughter-in-law that would relay these crazy observations?  LOL.

Here's the latest addition to the farm!  so cute!


  1. lol...should we start calling you the cow whisper-er?

  2. I think J and your FNL probably enjoy the texts you send. They know you care and are actively involved in your farm life.