Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Mystery of the Farmer Wave

So J waves at every truck he passes, and most generally the other driver waves back (this is when he's driving his truck).  Now when I drive his truck, I keep up the wave-thing because I know that as a person driving a truck, I need to wave.  However, people don't wave back!  Hmph!  Now when J started driving my car, he would wave and people wouldn't wave back-HA!.  To which I said, well do you wave to cars?  Well no, well then they aren't going to wave back to you--LOL.  However, lately people have started waving at him when he's driving my car--I don't get it!  Maybe I need to start wearing a baseball cap and go all farmer-incognito.  And yes, its a minute detail of life...but its just odd...well at least to me. 

If anyone can solve this mystery, please let me know  :-)

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  1. This may sound sexist but I think this is a guy thing. Recalling living on the farm, the same thing happened to me. Almost all men do the wave thing but hardly any women do. If a woman does do it, I think the shock stops the guy in his tracks and probably causes his heart to do a not-for-good-him flip-flop. I think it heralds back to the territorialism of men from ages past. The wave states that we're not in each other's territory, so we can pass freely. Women don't worry about those things.