Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Adventures of Crunchy and Nancy

Nancy was often called Fancy Nancy because she was very particular in how she looked.

She would gaze up at the warm Kansas sunshine and look at her reflection in the sparkling water and smile at herself.

Nancy held her head high and proud and her black coat was always gleaming without a speck of dust or dirt.

Her little calf Crunchy Peanut Butter was the cutest little girl heifer she had ever seen.  Her coat was the rich color of peanut butter and when the sun shone on Crunchy, Nancy smiled.

One day, Crunchy had laid down and was covered in mud.  Her friends Creamy Peanut Butter (people always thought they were twins because they looked so alike and were the best of friends), Chocolate, and Milky Way were all headed across the creek to play. 

"Oh no Crunchy, you wait right here."  Fancy Nancy grabbed her by the tail before she took off.

She started to lick Crunchy, taking off the dirt.

"But Momma, I wanna go!"  Crunchy was stopping her hoof and shaking her head, trying to give her Momma the slip.

"They are all getting to go play!  And I'm just stuck here!"  Crunchy continued.

In the distance she could see her 3 friends almost to the creek, laughing and jumping, and having a great time.

"Now Crunchy, what have I told you in the past?"  Nancy said between licks.

"You said 'A lady never leaves her spot until all her dirt spots leave her'" Crunchy said, standing up on a hoof and reaching up to see her friends.

"And..." Nancy continued, she knew that Crunchy wanted to leave and go play.

"'A lady will stand up straight and hold her head high and be a proud cow.'" Crunchy finished.  She really wanted to go play with her friends, and wondered how much longer Momma was going to take.

"You might not like this now Crunchy, but this herd has pride, and one day when you grow up, you will be part of this herd and have the responsibility of making sure the herd stays that way."  Nancy looked down at her little Crunchy, wondering if what she said made sense.

"Now go off and play with your friends, all the dirt spots are gone."  Nancy nudged Crunchy and sent her on her way.

Crunchy bounced off, yelling as she went "Creamy!  Chocolate!  Milky Way!  Wait for me!!!"

As she neared the creek, she looked back and saw her Momma looking at her.

She was standing with her head held high and there wasn't a speck of dust on her.

Then Crunchy saw the rest of the herd behind her, they were looking at Momma too.  Some with awe, some with reverence, but all with respect.

Maybe that's what Momma was talking about, Crunchy thought to herself.

She subconsciously straightened her shoulders and inched her head up and thought I want to be just like Momma when I grow up.

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  1. Good self-esteem lessons here. Holding your head up and feeling good about yourself goes a long way.