Friday, August 3, 2012

Sally Gets a New System

So the radio system in Sally (the swather) was a little in didn't so much work all the time.  Now this really didn't bother me as I have an Ipod and would just put in the earphones, grab a drink and away I go.  Well J doesn't have an Ipod and it really isn't his thing, so we went and got a new radio for her.   The poor girl at Best Buy had no idea what she was in for.  LOL.  J said something like "yeah I'll have to make the wiring harness on the old one work for this new one."  The poor girl says "well we should be able to find a new one for you, what vehicle is it?"  J says "A swather" and laughs.  Well the girl doesn't quite get the swather part and asks "what's the make and model?"  she must have thought swather was a new foreign thing-a-majig.  To which J responds, "A New Holland Swather farm implement."  LOL.  Poor girl that would have been me 4 years ago!  She just kind of laughed, but still looked a little confused.  Check out the sysetm though...its better than the one in my car.....hmmmm....

1 comment:

  1. That looks pretty hi-tec to me. Hope it works as well as it looks. The poor girl at Best Buy will probably be looking at car dealerships for a swather and give some auto salesman a good laugh (if she finds one who knows what a swather is.)