Monday, October 31, 2011

Who Am I, Really?

So in anticipation or preparation of my blog on ruralwomenrock, I've been thinking about who I am, and what makes me a "rural woman".  Hmm.  Here are my thoughts, in no specific order:

I love shoes
therefore my closet isn't big enough

I laugh at my calves when they get out....
then see the hay bale on the other side of the fence

I have a hard time relaxing
and feel most relaxed when I walk outside, see all my little creatures
sing to the horse, give him a kiss
and pet the kittens

My husband and I are both workaholics
and together we could accomplish anything
(its a good thing we don't work professionally together tho,
someone would have to be the manager, and we're both a bit bossy)

I have 2 rules in my house/on our property:
no taking the Lord's name in vain
no littering--we have trashcans for a reason

I'm the only person I know who can holler at her cows from the porch
and they know what they need to do....
get back in

I don't wear white after Labor Day
or before Easter (who are those people anyway?)

I talk to God.....
sometimes he talks back

Someday I will figure out the difference....
between a planter and a disc and a cultivator
(really they all look similar to me)

I love when I see my hubby walking with his Dad
they both have the same gait, pliers on the right side,
and complaining about the same things

I love wine
and you will always find some kind of alcohol in our house

I love finding a vintage skirt
at some thrift store for $2

I love my Sunday School and VBS kids,
but don't see myself as a mother

I love wearing a fabulous gown
or fat pants and an old sweatshirt

I love that I see God's handiwork everyday

I love that I can laugh at myself.

So what makes me a rural woman?  I guess I'm just a woman--who lives in the country.


  1. How's this?

    You are someone who loves the smell of fresh country air--there's nothing else quite like it!

    You love the open vistas of Kansas, being able to see for miles and miles.

    You love the soft swishing sound of wheatfields blowing in the breeze, the gentle lowing of cattle, a coyote howl in the night.

    You love experiencing nature and the seasons every day.

  2. I love this! It sounds like me:)

    Kasse D.

  3. Thanks muchas for your Rockin post today lady! What is it you say? Peace out? :)

    Kasse D.