Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Silent Partner

So I would categorize my relationship with God as a silent partner in a corporation.  He lives in some Caribbean vacation hot spot, flies back into my life on a corporate jet, pulls out a big red pen, makes changes, then goes back to the Caribbean to be seen/heard from again later sometime.  I know he's there watching from a distance, taking notes or something.

For example, my good friend Leslie, (who is fabulous and my spiritual sound board) and also blogs at laffygrl, suggested I read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers probably 3 years ago.  I tried but could not for the life of me get into it.  Picked it up at my church library last Sunday and finished it on Wednesday.  How does that work?  I'm pretty sure if I had read it back then I would not have gotten the same thing out of it that I did now.  BTW--it is an EXCELLENT book.  It's one of those that you're sitting in bed reading, look at the clock and say OK just one more chapter, then after that chapter, look at the clock again, and say OK just one more chapter, this cycle continues until I say OK I really have to go to bed now.  LOL.  Its that good. 

Then she tells me that her church did the Strength Finder exercise and to look at her "strengths."  Well, 2 years ago, my church (in KC) had also done the exercise, so I pulled out mine and remembered that my top strength was strategic, and that from a church's perspective, someone should serve on the church council to use that strength to the fullest.  AND just last Sunday the nominating committee for the church council asked me if I would consider serving on the board....Hmmm, coincidence?  Or do you hear the rumble of a jet taking off? 


  1. I've experienced the book thing, too. I'll start a book that has been recommended and just can't dig through it. Sometime later I can't put it down. I think it has to do with God's timing. When you're ready for the message inside the book, it will come to you. I used to get really frustrated when this happened. Now I put the book aside knowing that there will come a day when it is just right.

    Also, my top Strength is Strategic. I wish you the best in deciding about the church council. You would be great at it! As for the jet engine taking off, I guess that explains the loud noise I've been hearing lately.

  2. Had to correct my Strengths. Strategic is my #3. Ideation is #1 for me.