Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Not your Momma's Crochet--LOL

So I crochet--am I a crocheter?....I don't know.  I kind of crochet like I cook--winging it.  LOL.  I went to some classes at Michaels with my BFF, but something just didn't click.  Then I started talking to the love of my life for hours a night and thought I really just can't sit here and do nothing--so I said, I can do this.  And picked up my crochet hook, placed the phone and a pillow underneath my ear and jabbed away.  So it stuck, I can whittle away and crochet to my little heart's content.  I made J a blanket, made scarves, baby blankets, etc.  But the best part is--I figured out how to make the towel hook things!  (PS If you're a cradle crocheter and can read patterns and figure them out the first time---hmph!). 

One of my good friends gave me a bunch of the towels she had received for her wedding. They really are pretty hideous:  kittens, Lion King, shells, etc.  And she's SO not a crochet person.  So she gave them to me--and I snagged how to do them--BAM!  Then I ran into the problem of always getting buttons to match.  Then I started playing around and came up with this "crochet button"--it always matches--and which crocheter doesn't have tons of extra yarn around and no buttons.  I say its a perfect match--and it's cute  :-)

Just do a single chain about 10 or so, slip through the first one, then go up and do a  single chain again around the whole thing until you get the puffiness that you want.

Its so cute!  Here's the final product:

And I tried to rotate it...but some technological thing beyond me is a hindrance to my plan.  Still looks cute though?  Better than some 80's kittens or Lion King  :-)


  1. What's wrong with Lion King?? :) You go, girl!! I really need to learn how to knit...

  2. Well, I'm impressed! I've always wanted to do the towel things (they are so handy) but never tried it because I figured it was too complicated. You have inspired me. Look out towels--here I come! After the move, of course. Also, the button and the picture are adorable! You do great work.