Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Its a Sad Day on the Farm...Well at least in the Kitchen

Soooo,  its a sad, sad, sad day.  The orange mixing bowl that I have had for I don't know how long, and before that my mom had for I don't know how long...finally has a crack in the bottom.  I showed it to J and he was like...huh.  I was like what if the beebee gun that you shot your first bird in the barn with your brothers, that is still at your parents house, with the worn out trigger finger was suddenly cupoot (sp?)--yeah its like that.  This mixing bowl is perfect (I really don't know why my mom gave it to me---but it was probably one of the best things she ever gave me), its sides are tall enough so stuff doesn't start flying out the sides--and its just me.  This bowl was with me at Pitt in the sorority house, in my apartment, travelled to Florida with me.  I was probably the only girl who's car moving was piled high with shoes, cupcake tins, beater, and my bowl.  But hey, you have to be prepared  :-)  If I had just a dollar for every batch of cookies, cake, cupcakes, muffins, bread, drinks, etc, etc, etc that this thing has seen, I would probably be retired on some lake house on Lake Tahoe doing the ladies who lunch bit.  So sad.  And yes, I was dorky enough to look online and ebay has the whole set of these!  Bam! 


  1. I loved that orange bowl, too. It had a lid at one time--did I give you that?--and I loved the tall sides. Perhaps I gave it to you because you liked it so much and I figured having stuff to cook with that you love to use makes you want to keep cooking. For me passing on a loved item passes on the love. I'm glad you found replacements on ebay. If I hadn't read your entire blog, I would have done the same thing for you for Christmas.

  2. Not sure if you threw it away yet or not but I would try sealant glue. They have some that is safe for cooking and eating off of.