Monday, August 29, 2011

My Lil Man Jose

So I wasn't the only one who made the big move from the city to the country, because this girl comes with baggage (and I'm not talking about my shoe collection), I'm talking about my Chihuahua, Jose!  He's the cutest little 4 1/2 pound guy, and today's his birthday, so I figured I'd write about him  :-)

He really is the biggest mommas boy, he follows me around, curls up right next to me and falls asleep, basically he just likes to be with momma.  So he's adjusted to the country life, I think.  He doesn't wander off too far, but I do have to watch out for him (he's lunch to some of the creatures around here). 

But the other day he started limping around and licking his paw.  It looked all swollen and poofy!  J thought he must have stepped on a "goats head" of these mean looking cockle burr things in the front where Jose would walk.  The pic is below.  My poor lil man couldn't squat down to really do his business, because he would lose his balance and fall over so he got constipated!  Poor lil guy!  Then his paw got a little scab on it, I don't know if it shows up in the pic, but so sad!  

He's back to his normal self, and probably stronger for it--LOL

Mean Goat's Head

Jose's scabbed paw!

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  1. Oh, poor little guy. I'm sure with your love and attention, he will be on the mend soon. He's a lucky little pooch!