Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So we have these 2 heifers, and their names are Myrtle and Louise.  Why are their names Myrtle and Louise you ask?  Well here's the deal, we got these heifers last year, and normally heifers are like teenagers, all over the place.  Getting out, causing trouble, being a general teenager.  Well these 2 just by-passed that part altogether and joined the red-hat society!  They are the laziest heifers I've ever seen.  So I named them Myrtle and Louise (sounds old-ladyish).  And I am kind of nerdy that I talk to all of the creatures around here, so whenever I saw these two, I would call out "Hi Myrtle and Louise!"  So after a while, they start to know their names  :-)  Well last week I catch Louise at the stock tank, and I reach out and try to pet her, and she lets me!  I go find her some corn stalks to chew on, and she just sits there and lets me pet her.  Maybe this is one reason J calls me an animal whisperer.  So yesterday, all the cows are by the stock tank and I call Louise, and she trots right over to me!  Woohoo! 

Next time I'll snap a picture  ;-)

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