Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to do the Hokey-Pokey with a Cow

So I have a cow, her name is Gertie, she's real cute, her pic is below.   Also on our farm we have about 15 other cows/calves, besides Myrtle and Louise, there are also the Bunchettes, the Rockettes, Dennis, Gertie and Wilma.  Well let's just also say that the fence around our pasture could use a little work.  OK, a lot of work, some of its so bad no amount of ghetto-rigging will ever get it to where it actually keeps them in.  Well today is my birthday, and wouldn't you know it wouldn't be complete without me leaving for work and seeing a cow in the yard.  And not just any old cow, my girl Gertie.  Was she waiting to say Happy Birthday to me before I left or what?  So out I go to get her back in.  And for those of you that have never tried to run a cow back in, it goes something like this:

You take one step right, the cow takes 2 steps left
You take one step left, the cow takes 4 steps right
You take one step forward, the cow backs into a tree
You wave your hands high, the cow just nods its head
You take a running start, the cow goes faster

It goes on and on, I swear people driving by on the highway must thing I'm a loon.  She did make it back in and I made it to work, all in one piece  :-)

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  1. This is so cute. Using the idea of the hokey-pokey demonstrates creativity and imagination. Anyone reading this will be able to picture it in their mind and get a good chuckle and smile. Bravo!