Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fearless isn't just a Taylor Swift Song

The other day I was cutting down trees with a lopper or hand shears, wondering if there was poison ivy in any of what I was doing.  Eh, instead of thinking about it, I just continued on.  Which got me to thinking, you have to be fearless to live in the country.  If you stop and think about the poisonous spiders, snakes that lurk around, machinery that could squish you into a banana peel, nothing would get done.  Maybe its self-reliance, that if you don't do it yourself, its really not getting done.  Maybe its not even really thinking its a dangerous activity.  J does some crazy stuff without taking, what I consider, safety precautions.  Now he would say he's been doing it forever, so what does it matter?  Of course, he sees me cut vegetables/cheese in my hand, with the knife going onto my thumb (if that makes logistical sense), and asks, don't you have a cutting board?  LOL, well yeah, but why not just do it this way?  Living in the city, there were different fears, but nothing like the country.  I think the biggest fear in the city, is what someone could do to you.  Whether its theft, assault, breaking and entering, etc, it was someone doing that action to you.  Whereas in the country, its the other way around.  It's what you're doing in your surroundings that dangerous.  Going out into the brush where there could be lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!  LOL.  Having to fix equipment in positions that could potentially maim or kill a person.  Crawling into a grain bin that could suffocate a person (I did NOT do this-J did--I try not to think about all the stories of people getting buried under a 1000 bushels of grain when I see him get in there.)  But country people continue on, maybe its that they're too busy to think about the fear, hmmmm...

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